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Machine-Free and Fine Line Tattoos
Evergreen Studios, Chicago


recent work
Fern Plant

Some Recent Work

Available Flash

Sizing is flexible, and determines the final price. Fill out the intake form to claim a flash design. 

Avaiable flash
Fern Plant

Machine or No Machine?

I create tattoos both with and without a tattoo machine, depending on the style we're looking to achieve, size of the piece, time constraints, etc.


Hand-poked tattoos offer a more comfortable sensory experience, and take on more of a hand-made, authentic look. 

sample image of a fully hand-poked JellyFish. Some handpoke texture and variation of line width can be noticed, lending to the 'analog' aesthetic of handpoke tattooing

With Machine

machine-free fine line piece of a small ornate vase with two peacock feathers

I use handheld, battery powered rotary machines to minimize sound and vibrations for those
with sensory preferences. They also allow me to use small and single needles for finer, more delicate line work.

A Little of Both

Typically, I use both machines and hand-poking for efficiency and stylistic integrity.

tattoo done with a machine and handpoke tattooing methods

Please select your preferred approach on the intake form, so I can design accordingly. If you have no preference, I'll share which approach I feel would best suit your tattoo design.

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